Since attending the Young Professional Summit in Chicago last year, our own Sam Heck has been the go - to person in the district for questions regarding how we can build relationships and interest of the young professionals who we would like to see as members of our clubs.  At the conference, Sam led a panel of three young Rotarians, one of whom was connected from Kansas City by Skype.  It was truly interesting to hear the thoughts of these young people.  While their wish to serve the community and the world is strong, they also hold different views on things such as the need for meals at meetings.  It was a lively discussion and over too quickly.
As a result of asking for input from friends as he prepared for chairing the panel, Sam made the acquaintence of a young, non-Rotarian who wants to be in a club but is unable to make it to the meetings.  Further conversations led to more ideas and as a result, Sam has found quite a few young professionals who are interested but the current meeting structure, i.e. time and/or cost, don't work for them.  Sam presented to the board last week that he would like to explore the possibility of starting a satellite club which will meet as an after-hours club.  The board unanimously approved the idea so stay tuned for more exciting information!