(Navy Counselor Chief Petty Officer, Submarine Qualified)

Will speak to us on Wednesday, August 12 at 7:30am via Zoom. Ever wonder what our Naval forces do around the globe? Join us and find out!

    Chief Serecky was born in Dearborn, MI where he joined the Navy in September 2006 as an Electronics Technician in submarines.  Upon graduating Navy Recruit Training Command, he attended ET “A” School in Groton, CT, followed by submarine school.  

    He reported to the USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735 Blue Crew) stationed in Bangor, WA in November 2007.  While onboard, he worked in the navigation department, completed his Submarine Warfare qualifications and completed six deterrent patrols before taking her into an extended overhaul in November 2009.  

    In December 2009 transferred to the USS Nevada (SSBN 733 Blue) and took her out of the yards.  While on board he furthered his qualifications and completed his certification for Assistant Navigator while completing eight more Deterrent patrols and welcomed his first child Liam in November 2011.

    He attended Navy recruiting school in Jan 2013 and did a recruiting tour in Dearborn Michigan.  While serving on recruiting he was selected and advanced to Chief Petty Officer in September 2015 and welcomed his second child Lilly in June 2014.  Following his selection for Chief Petty Officer, he received orders to the USS Hampton (SSN 767) to serve as Assistant Navigator (ANAV).

    While onboard USS Hampton he completed one ICE-EX and took her from San Diego to Portsmouth, NH for an extended overhaul.  While onboard the USS Hampton, he served as ANAV, Navigation Division Leading Chief Petty Officer as well as Navigation Operations Department Enlistment Advisor.  He served on the Hampton until March 2018 where he was selected for conversion to Navy Counselor (Recruiting)

    In July 2018, he transferred to Navy Recruiting station New England where he is currently serving as Division Leading Chief Petty Officer for recruiting operations for the states of Maine and New Hampshire.