Rotary Club of Portland Sunrise sells crocus bulbs to benefit polio eradication efforts worldwide.
Polio is a devastating disease that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, and left millions with lifelong health effects. Since 1979, Rotary International has been at the forefront of efforts to promote access to immunization and treatment, and finally eradicate polio worldwide. Today, victory is in sight, as all but two of the world's countries have been declared free of the wild polio virus.
With the finish line in sight, you can do your part to help provide life-saving immunizations, state-of-the-art disease monitoring, and proven medical treatment to bring an end to polio once and for all.
When you purchase a package of 25 purple crocus bulbs from the Rotary Club of Portland Sunrise, all proceeds will be donated to Rotary International's Polio Plus program. Purple has long been the color of polio awareness due to the practice of dying a child's finger purple when they have received their vaccine booster.
Thanks to a generous 2:1 matching pledge from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, your $10 contribution becomes $30, multiplying your impact.
Crocuses bulbs are 25 for $10, and ARE NOW READY for pickup in Falmouth, Maine.  Please email us at to get pick-up address & times. As we are selling thru October there may be more than one pick-up time arranged. PLEASE NOTE: due to shipping costs, the Rotary Club of Portland Sunrise is not able to ship. Purchases must be picked up, unless you have made advance arrangements with a Rotarian to deliver.
To purchase yours online today, click here.
To learn more about Rotary and its historic fight against polio, click here.