Amy Volk is the State Representative for House District 127, which includes part of Scarborough in Cumberland County.  This year her bill, which helps victims of human trafficking, was signed into law.  She spoke about how many people are sold over and over and really have no choice regarding entering a life of prostitution.  The new law makes sex trafficking an affirmative defense to the charge of prostitution, preventing victims of trafficking from being branded with a criminal conviction.  The measure also fines perpetrators of sex trafficking $500-$1,000 in addition to existing penalties and allows victims to draw from the Victims' Compensation Fund.
Representative Volk said that many people have no idea that trafficking even exists here in Maine or in the US.  She feels that debate about the bill was actually good in that it made many more people aware of the problem.  Saint Andre Home is starting a group home that will help these victims.  More information is available in the video below.